Monday, 23 July 2012

Paint Study Trees

 Ok this all started we me having problems with a few trees in a few concepts so I thought I'd do some practice.  The first BW one is a copy from Feng Zhu's study just to get a feel & practice a working technique.  The other BW ones were from photos of Bonsai Trees to get some interesting shapes.  I liked how most of these turned out!

This colour one was to try to get some colour going but to also study how Neil Ross is so graphical in his work I think the trunk turned out nice but I'm not so happy with the overal shape & the green.

Using what I learned above I thought I'd try to get that working in a straight painting from some pictures of normal trees I had.  They came out ok but I still feel they lake form.


This last one was probably something I wouldn't normaly paint as it has so much detail o try to get right but by studying all the techniques I felt more confident in trying.  I kind o liked how it turned out but I did have problems with the water, but overal I think it's a win as now I feel more confident about this kind of detail.

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