Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Ok I'm back on it I'm fed up with the 3d industry dictateing how i work/live my life so I'm going to give this route another shot since I feel I enjoy it so much more! If you have any help please post i'd love to hear.
So most people of have heard the 10000hrs to be a pro lets start the count down & see if it's true i guess. However this isn't taking into account my life of drawring already so i should really be way ahead but I'm going to start at the begining.

Thanks for tuneing in.


Below is the best of this day not a great start but I'm already remembering some shapes. The hardest part is trying not to copy exactly what I see & get what I want from the gesture. They're all a bit too detailed for gesture too more flow less detail.

The Faces here were just some studies into drawing eyes since I was having problems in the drawings above. I really like the top left one though!

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